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Commentary Systems International was established in 1996 following the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta. I was a Commentary Planning Manager for Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting, responsible for the Aquatics, Water Polo Preliminary, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Yachting Venues. This experience gave me a very good insight into what broadcasters want and need in a commentary system.

In 2000, the design parameters for my own commentary system began to come into shape. Keeping the best features of every system I had used to that point, plus all of the advantages that a fully digital system would bring to the table, in 2004 I moved forward with the design and manufacture of a new system that featured state-of-the-art digital technology.

The nature of the design is such that as new features are required by broadcasters, they can be accomplished with rewrites of the system firmware. There have been four firmware updates so far to facilitate improvements in the system.

William Durham
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